High Precision Gears

Working in tandem with a leading European supplier of high quality precision gears we aim to improve customer service and offer solutions for all kind of gear trains, including wind gearboxes, mining applications, cone crushers, propulsion thrusters and compressors.

Gears provided include:

Helical / Spur Gears

Spiral Bevel Gears

Double Helical Gears

Internal / Annulus Gears

Girth Gears

Pinion Shafts

In the case of a lack of drawings or samples we offer a design capability to suit your application needs and can work to demanding specifications, ensuring that important parameters are identified and analysed. Custom made designs can be produced by our engineering team by visiting the application on site and suggesting alternatives to an older bearing – we are also happy to define an appropriate maintenance plan for existing bearings or a replacement system.

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